The Catacombs

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The "syrmata" (cave houses) decorated with vivid coloured doors.

The catacombs are located near Trypiti village, inside caves, at 150meters above sea level.

In 2009, the Holy Synod proclaimed Milos a sacred island, because its Catacombs are the most ancient monuments of Christianity. It was the first gathering place of the first Christians and by end of the 2nd century BC they were used as a municipal cemetery. The Catacombs of Milos are of a unique size in the whole of Greece and one of the most famous Christian World monuments next to the Catacombs of Rome and those of the Holy Land.

This labyrinth complex is composed of three long -initially separated- subterranean colonnades (A,B,C) carved in the porous volcanic stone, five corridors and one rectangular burial chamber in the form of cubicula of the Roman Catacombs. Each Catacomb is of a different width (1-5 meters) and a different height (1,60-2,50 meters). Its total length is 185 metres and today 126 “arkosolia” (carved arched tombs) are preserved in the inner sides of the colonnades

The “arkosolia” were decorated with colors (red fascia on the crown and dark blue color on the spandrel’s surface), but today only scare traces of their colorful decor are preserved.