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The "syrmata" (cave houses) decorated with vivid coloured doors

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TassoulaRooms is right on the edge of Adamas, 100m from Lagada beach and 200m from the centre of the town and the main harbour of the island.

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While in Milos we suggest to you::

Επίσκεψη στα σύρματα

Milos Sirmata

In Milos "sirmata" (plural) are the small caves found on the edge of the shores. These caves decorated with vivid coloured doors, fishermen used to house their boats to protect them from the harsh wintry winds.

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Παραδοσιακές ψαρόβαρκες

Fresh seafood at Pollonia

Pollonia or Appolonia is a picturesque fishing village built around a pretty cove on the north eastern edge of the island.
Here, you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood and wander the narrow streets between traditional white houses and flowery gardens.

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Plaka in Milos

Sunset at Plaka

Today, Plaka is the island’s capital and it is also one of the most well preserved capitals of Cyclades. On the hill top of Plaka visit the
imposing Venetian “Castle” dated from the 13th century where you can enjoy idyllic sunsets.

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Milos Catacombs

The Catacombs

The catacombs are located near Trypiti village, inside caves, at 150meters above sea level. One of the most ancient monuments of Christianity Milos' catacombs provided an initial gathering place for the first Christians around the 2nd century B.C

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